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We are not the ones who just observe without doing anything. Properties account for almost one third of total energy consumption in Sweden. In order to meet the need for competence and awareness in society that is required to achieve such a change, we have clear goals:
Make properties more sustainable while increasing their value


All schools up to the upper secondary level in Västra Götaland, Halland and Stockholm will be trained in renewable energy, environment and sustainability by 2022.


80% of the photovoltaic industry will be trained within 7Energy's Power methodology for successful sales, customer benefit, project management and installation focusing on quality and safety.


Myths about solar cells, renewable energy, the environment and sustainability must be actively answered and communicated in our channels and networks.

Our focus

7Energy focuses on Western Sweden and Stockholm as well as international key customers. By spreading knowledge, services and products within renewable energy to small and large scale properties, increasing value and improving design, while reducing reduce our customers energy need and environmental impact.

What do they say about us?

"Helpful in my installation and available every time I have had questions or thoughts. High sense of service."

Kadri Haziraj

Property owner

"Excellent service feeling and always see the strength and opportunities in every challenge."

Jenny Andersson