The most powerful assets a company can have are those that reduce loss

7Energy's products have always been designed for how we work and how we live. Today, they help property developers work simpler and more productively, reducing losses and increasing property value. And all products are designed to work together. Our solutions for a really good job and think new about the future of the company.

Products, properties and infrastructures.

Technology that lets the property be valued in its own way.

Today's Swedish business world is more property-oriented than ever. That is why we create products that provide and add value to real estate. Using the most intuitive, secure and powerful products, your property can increase in value, sell or rent faster, and stand as a future symbol.

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Give each project the opportunity to become even better with a sustainability program.

When the projects have access to new tools and technologies they become innovative and new. That is why more and more companies are switching to using 7Energy sustainable products. Thanks to a new model for support and deployment of 7Energy's products integrated or adapted to real estate and infrastructure, a new future is developing. The whole experience is simple, flexible and intuitive - just what you expect from 7Energy.

We also collaborate with the largest experts on enterprise systems.

To give you the best energy solutions, we partner with some of the world's leading business services companies. Your company has access to experts around the world that you can collaborate with and learn from, whether you are seeking mobile strategy consulting, app development support, backend system integration, or corporate networking services.

Sustainability is changing how we work.

Once your company has embarked on a sustainability program, you can learn how to take full advantage of 7Energy's products. We have all the resources you need to implement basic energy solutions that maximize productivity, sustainability and efficiency.

What do they say about us?

"Helpful in my installation and available every time I have had questions or thoughts. High sense of service."

Kadri Haziraj

Property owner

"Excellent service feeling and always see the strength and opportunities in every challenge."

Jenny Andersson